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Mystery Hand Mined Mineral Specimen

Mystery Hand Mined Mineral Specimen


You will receive ONE mystery mineral or crystal specimen! This specimen will be hand mined by Allyn & Sam! You can see almost every one of our crystal adventures on TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook! 

You may receive;

Selenite from Arizona or Utah

Obsidian from California or Oregon

Peridot from Arizona

Clear Quartz from Arkansas

Wavellite/ Turquoise from Arkansas 

Noble Serpentine from Valley, Washington 

Calcite from California

Petosky Stones from Lake Michigan

Selenite after Glauberite from Arizona

***You may request for a theme or certain minerals/ items but we cannot always promise these items as it is a request not a guarantee. With this said, boxes are chosen intuitively unless specified, some may receive mainly carved & polished pieces while another may include only raw specimens.

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