Ever wondered where your crystals came from? Well wonder no more! Here is a list of our crystals and minerals and their localities, sometimes even including specific mines! You can search the page by pressing Ctrl + F on your keyboard to find a specific crystal or mineral in the list below.

Keep in mind we will only release localities here for items publicly released from Patreon. Patreon exclusive items will remain Patreon exclusive until they reach the public!

March 9, 2023 Restock

-Mixed Specimens Including: Quartz, Pyrite, Galena, Calcite, more?
-Pink Mangano Calcite Specimens - Rodolph Mora

-Blueberry Fluorite x Candle Quartz - Fujian Province
-Fluorite Tetrahedrons, Singles
-Green Fluorite x Quartz - Fujian Province
-Rainbow Tetrahedral Fluorite x Artichoke Quartz - Inner Mongolia [Mandarin: Nèi Měnggǔ]

-Vera Cruz Amethyst

-Blue Barite Specimens
-Brochantite Specimens - Oujda Locality
-Epidote x Quartz Specimens
-Erythrite x Cobaltoan Calcite Specimens - Bou Azzer, Drâa-Tafilalet Region
-Fluorite x Azurite Specimens
-Mookaite Slabs
-Selenite Daggers
-Selenite Spheres

-Blue and Purple Halite - Igdir
-Chrome Chalcedony - Bilecik
-Special Amethyst - Alcam Mine

February 8, 2023 Restock

-Chlorite Included Quartz
-Colombian Clear Quartz
-Mango Quartz Points
-Pink Rutile Quartz
-Singing Quartz Points

-Gem Quality Garnet
-Malachite Freeforms and Tumbles, Polished
-Malacholla Specimens and Freeforms (Malachite x Chrysocolla)
-Natural Citrine
-Tourmaline in Green, Pink, and Blue

-Large Danburite Specimens
-Rainbow Sheen Obsidian
-Shattuckite Partially Polished Freeforms
-Vera Cruz Amethyst

-Agate x Chalcedony
-Blue Barite
-Candle Quartz
-Clear Aragonite
-Unbroken Geodes
-Vanadinite, Vanadinite w/ Anglesite

-Cinnabar Tumbles and Spheres
-Fluorite on Quartz
-Pink Mangano Calcite
-Pyrite, Tetrahedral and Other Formations
-Serpentine Spheres

Turkey and Miscellaneous Localities
-Blue Halite
-Bolivian Quartz with Pyrite and Calcite
-Chrome Chalcedony
-Dendritic Opals, Partially Polished
-Fluorite Spheres and Mini Towers
-Green Fluorite
-Hematite Included Quartz
-Pink Mangano Calcite Specimens
-Special Amethyst, Alcam Mine

Miscellaneous Pieces
-Agate Lamps, Selenite Moon Lamps, and Seed of Life Salt Lamps
-Amethyst Stalactite Pendants from Brazil
-Brucite from Brazil
-Okenite from India
-Polished Larimar from the Dominican Republic
-Prehnite Epimorphs after Laumontite from the Himalayas
-Purple Fluorite from Mongolia
-Quartz x Fluorite from China
-Smoky Citrine Points from Brazil
-Spirit Quartz
-Stainless Steel Crystal Straws

January 29, 2023 Restock

-Chlorite Included Quartz - Himalayas (collected by villagers)
-Crystalline Epidote - Himalayas

-Amethyst Roots
-Citrine Spheres, Clusters, and Towers
-Clear Quartz Towers
-Garden Quartz Lenses and Geometric Freeforms
-Hematite Included Quartz
-Lemurian Quartz Points
-Lepidolite Specimens
-Rutile Quartz Geometric Freeforms and Towers
-Smoky Quartz Towers

-Cobaltoan Calcite Specimens
-Dioptase Specimens
-Malachite Tumbles and Fibrous Specimens
-Malacholla Specimens (Malachite x Chrysocolla)

-Austinite - La Ojuela Mine, Mapimí, Durango
-Clear and Pink Danburite - San Luis Potosí
-Japan Law Twin Quartz - Sonoran River Mine, San Luis Potosí
-Natural Kobyashevite - La Ojuela Mine, Mapimí, Durango
-Peanut Obsidian - Alamos

-Cinnabar Gallets
-Pink Mangano Calcite Gallets
-Pink Rhodonite Flames, Spheres, and Pyramids
-Pyrite Tetrahedrons
-Rhodochrosite Hearts and Gallets

January 18, 2023 Restock

-Dogtooth Calcite
-Native Copper - Slabs, Freeforms, Nuggets, Ingots
-Red Calcite

January 9, 2023 Restock

-Banded Agate - Mushrooms
-Black Moonstone - Mushrooms
-Black Tourmaline - Freeforms
-Blue Apatite - Mushrooms
-Blue Quartz - Mushrooms
-Green Agate - Mushrooms
-Indigo Gabbro - Mushrooms, Brontosaurus
-Ocean Jasper - Mushrooms
-Peach Moonstone - Mushrooms
-Pink Tourmaline in Quartz - Mushrooms, Brontosaurus
-Polychrome Jasper - Mushrooms
-Red Hematoid Quartz - Mushrooms
-Various Animal Carvings
-Various Material Bowls
-Yellow Hematoid Quartz - Mushrooms

January 4, 2023 Restock

-Bladed / Tabular / Acicular Clear Quartz with various inclusions
-Goethite (Iron Oxide-Hydroxide) Minerals + Calcite and/or Apophyllite
-White Aragonite ("Cave Calcite")

December 19, 2022 Restock

-Amethyst Freeforms
-Blue Amber Freeforms with Wooden Base
-Grape Agate Specimens
-Iris Agate Slices with Wooden Base

October 28, 2022 Restock

Most stone materials came in hearts, spheres, freeforms, and flames.
-Banded Agate
-Black Moonstone
-Black Opal
-Blue Quartz
-Clear Quartz
-Flower Agate
-Girasol Quartz
-Green Moonstone
-Green Opal
-Kambaba Jasper
-Ocean Jasper
-Orca Agate
-Peach Moonstone
-Polychrome Jasper
-Red Hematoid Quartz
-Rose Quartz
-Smoky Quartz
-Yellow Hematoid Quartz