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Custom Live Show Order @filey35 9/2

Custom Live Show Order @filey35 9/2

3x Tanzanite ($95)
3x Hyalite Opal ($19)
5x Large Hessonite Garnet Cabochons ($44.4)
5x Small Hessonite Garnet Cabochons ($11.12)
1x Green Garnet Cabochon ($11.11)
5x Green Kyanite Cabochons ($55.55)
5x Blue Kyanite Cabochons ($38.85)
1x Sunstone Cabochon ($2.22)
4x Shangaan Amethyst ($87)
7x Optical Honey Calcite ($56)
6x Danburite ($42)
5x Pink and Green Garnets ($60)
6x Azurite x Malachite Cabochons ($120)

2x Hyalite Opal Jars ($30)
1x Danburite Cluster ($79)

+$7.21 Shipping Insurance

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