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Crystal Mystery Bag

Crystal Mystery Bag

Everyone knows of the healing effect of crystals and the power they have. Surrounding yourself with crystals is key to a happy and successful life and what better way is there to do that than by having them on you at all times?!

This is a mixed lot of assorted raw and tumbled gemstones. You will receive anywhere from 4 - 8 stones. Small and medium chunks that range between .5” inch to 2” inches. The crystals you will receive will vary as we are always adding new crystals every day but these are some of the crystals and stones in this assortment:

Hand-Mined Black Obsidian

Arizona & Madagascar Geodes

Hand-Mined Selenite


Rose Quartz



Hand-Mined Clear Quartz

Tiger's Eye




Angel Aura Quartz


Hand-Mined Lemurian Quartz & many more!

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