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ONE OF A KIND Hand-Mined Arkansas Clear Quartz Cluster

ONE OF A KIND Hand-Mined Arkansas Clear Quartz Cluster

Be the third human to ever touch this extraordinary 100,000-year-old crystal, meticulously hand-mined by Nature Direct Co. at the renowned Fisher Mountain Mine in Mt. Ida, Arkansas. This rare gem, sourced from the prestigious Avant Mining property, stands as the second largest crystal we've ever unearthed!

Exclusive and Authentic

  • Locality: Hand-mined in Mt. Ida, Arkansas, at the Fisher Mountain Mine, owned by Avant Mining.
  • Historical Significance: You are only the third person to ever touch this ancient crystal, connecting you directly to Mother Earth's distant past.
  • Featured on TV: This exceptional crystal has been showcased on Arizona Channel 3 News via "Jamie's Local Love", highlighting its rarity and significance!

Why Choose Our Crystals?

  • Genuine Quality: Authentic, hand-mined crystals directly from the source.
  • Unique Connection: Own a piece of Earth's history and experience a direct connection to its ancient past.
  • Exclusive Size: As the second largest crystal we've ever mined, this piece is a testament to Nature Direct Co’s dedication to quality and authenticity.

Perfect for Collectors and Enthusiasts

Whether you're a seasoned collector or a crystal enthusiast, this one-of-a-kind piece will be a stunning addition to your collection. Its size, history, and locality make it an unparalleled treasure.

Unlock the Secrets of the Past Today

Order now and become part of the legacy of this incredible 100,000-year-old crystal! Experience the timeless beauty & historical significance that only Nature Direct Co. can offer.

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