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Custom Live Show Order @kirstentheunissen 11/4

Custom Live Show Order @kirstentheunissen 11/4

1x Yellow Cubic Fluorite ($9)
1x Druzy Chalcedony ($19)
2x Grape Agate Minis ($10)
1x Hand Mined Wavellite (see note) ($5)
1x Galena ($8)
1x Hand Mined Selenite ($3)

2x Raw Labradorite ($47.25)
--25% off, was $63
1x Green Tourmaline in Perky Box ($20)
1x Fluorapatite in Perky Box ($27)
1x Pyrite Cube ($18)
1x Larimar Slab ($7)
1x Snowflake Apophyllite ($10)
1x Mookaite Slab ($36)

+2.19 Shipping Insurance

Note: Nature Direct Co cannot guarantee that by acid washing this crystal, 100% of the acid will be removed from the crystal. There may be some leftover Oxalic Acid as we do not have the instruments or means to ensure 100% of the Oxalic Acid has been neutralized. We do however take several steps to soak and rinse the crystal in multiple basic solutions to neutralize as much of the acid as possible. By purchasing an acid washed crystal from Nature Direct Co, you accept all liability and damages should there be any issue regarding the acid washing process or residue left on the crystal.

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