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Celestite is renowned for its delicate blue color, ranging from pale sky blue to deeper shades of blue. The intensity of the color can vary depending on the amount of impurities present. Celestite exhibits a vitreous to pearly luster, giving it a soft and ethereal appearance. The crystal faces may show a glassy transparency.

Celestite's delicate blue color and unique crystal formations make it a visually stunning decorative accent. Displaying Celestite clusters or geodes adds natural beauty and a tranquil atmosphere to any space.

For those who practice with crystals, celestite promotes inner harmony and balance by aligning the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of oneself. It assists in finding a sense of inner peace, stability, and self-acceptance.

Celestite Associations
Chakras - Throat

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Please note that while the information provided is based on general knowledge, specific details about celestite may vary depending on the source or the particular specimens available.

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