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Clear Quartz, Tumbled

Clear Quartz, Tumbled

Clear Quartz has a timeless and elegant beauty. Its clear and transparent appearance complements any style or décor, making it a visually appealing addition to a collection, home décor, or display purposes.

Clear Quartz can be displayed with proper lighting that can cause the light to pass through the crystals and create beautiful reflections and fill a space with radiant energy.

For those who practice with crystals, clear quartz can enhance the properties and intentions of other crystals, making it a valuable addition to any crystal collection.

Clear Quartz is known for its purifying properties. It can cleanse and purify energy fields, spaces, and other crystals, making it an excellent tool for energy clearing and protection against negative energies.

Clear Quartz Associations
Chakras - Crown
Zodiac - Aries & Leo
Vibration - 4

Decide on which crystal will help benefit your journey the most!

Please note that while the information provided is based on general knowledge, specific details about clear quartz may vary depending on the source or the particular specimens available.

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